How to Download Bluestacks on Windows PC

Wondering how you can run Android apps on your PC, then get Bluestacks for Windows. Android applications are designed to be used in smartphones. There are tons of available apps in the Google Play Store that can be downloaded for free. However, it’s not always best to run them on mobile phones especially media players and games which are better to play on a wider screen.

bluestacks for Windows PC

Bluestacks is one of the most popular Android emulators in the market today. It can run almost all of the applications on Windows PC like Snaptube for PC and MX Player for PC. If you want to get this emulator on your computer, then this is for you. In here, I will show you how you can download, install and run many Android apps on your Windows PC.

Download Bluestacks for Windows PC

Before downloading Bluestacks, you must check your PC if you have enough memory since this emulator comes more than 400MB in size. Let’s go with the steps to follow:

Step 1. On your browser, go to the Bluestacks official website or just click the link.

Step 2. Then, click the green download button and it will automatically start the download process.

download bluestacks

Step 3. Wait for the file to finish the download. After downloading, locate Bluestacks on your Downloads folder. Click on it to initiate the installation.

Step 4. Follow the on-screen process until the installation has been completed. It will ask you to sign-in on your Google account. Just log in using the account you have been created on your Android device.

Step 5. Once installed, you may now start downloading Android apps and run them on your Windows PC.

Note: Bluestacks has preloaded Google Play Store where you can search for apps to download and install it directly. Or, another option you have is to download APKs and manually install it onBluestacks to run on your PC.

In Conclusion

That’s how you can get Bluestacks for Windows PC and run any Android application on your computer. If you have questions and concerns regarding Bluestacks, you may leave them in the comment box below. We are glad to assist you in whatever we can.


SnapTube Guide 101: Download SnapTube for Android, iPhone and PC

If you to watch videos online, you are not alone. We all love video streaming sites for watching trending videos. But now you can also download them easily from there. If you want to watch a particular video again and again then downloading that is the best option for you. Snaptube is the best app out there for downloading online videos from many streaming sites such as Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and lot more. It’s easy to use and fast enough to operate without any lagging issue. You just need a single click to download a video and save it on your smartphone.

Showbox app is a better alternative which i recommend you all. Snaptube is nothing if you compare it with showbox.

Getting so popular is the big reason that there are a lot of spoof versions of Snaptube available online. So choosing the right one is a big deal especially when you are a newbie. But as you are here, we will provide you the official link for downloading Snaptube apk. The file we are giving is completely checked for malware protection and completely safe to install on your phone. So without further thinking just click on the provided link and download the file from there.

Why Snaptube Isn’t Available on Play Store

For some terms and condition reason, Snaptube is not available in the play store. You have to manually download it by yourself. But do not worry it is the best video downloading app right now. It is hugely popular for its great features which are completely free to use. The developers are not charging anything for using the app right now, and there are no chances of that too on later period.

How to install Snaptube App On your Phone

After downloading the snaptube app, you have to install it in order to start using it. Just click on the file and it will get installed on your android devices. If the app doesn’t get install on your phone just enable installation from unknown sources. You can do that from your phone’s setting. It will then get installed and for the geeks out there ‘by allowing unknown sources you will not be going to harm your phone by the way’.

How to use Snaptube App On PC

Snaptube is only available in apk file which means that only Android user can use it on their devices. If you want to use it on your PC which is great and can be done under blue stacks or another android emulator. In this case, you have to install an android emulator first and from there you will be able to install apk files on your PC. Thus will be able to use SnapTube for PC.

Download Snaptube App for iPhone

If you are an iPhone user you have to wait for releasing Snaptube’s ios version as there is none available right now. But you can use the alternative of Snaptube such as MxTube. MxTube is just like Snaptube and very useful for downloading purposes. You can download the app from given link below. So download and install it from Cydia App Store and enjoy. Check official Discussion About Snaptube for iPhone from the official website of snaptube app.

What you get if you start using Snaptube

  • 1. It offers various awesome features which you will love for sure. Snaptube can be used as online video streamer which also supports the different resolutions.
  • 2. You can download from low to full HD quality videos if you want to.
  • 3. It even supports audio format. So if you want to have only audio of a video file, you can have it now from a single place.
  • 4. This app lets you share videos on social media directly from the app if you like to.
  • 5. Snaptube supports 300+ video streaming sites and different language option so its an all in one app for downloading videos.
  • 6. It never asks you to add credit cards or something, so it’s completely free to use. Just install it and have fun.


Jiofi is one of the most trending gadgets used nowadays.

To those who are new to the concept, it is quite simple to use. JioFi routers are very easy to use devices with great User Interface; however, To access it, one has to learn to configure it


the setup process is pretty simple, first of all, Jio sim has to be activated.

Now the sim activation process is straightforward.

Install the jio voice app on your phone.

Once the activation is finished, you will receive a message on your other number. Login to the JioFi 2 router with the default password that can be seen on the box as described in previous part. Then start the Jio Join (Jio4GVoice) app, it will try to connect to the router and once completed it will send an OTP to your other number.

Use the One time password in the Jio4GVoiceapp to connect. Once the JioJoin app shows online status, you need to call 1977 for verification. You will be asked to confirm details about the ID documents given by you during Jio 4G SIM card registration. Keep that info handy.

Service on your Sim card will start in some time. Once the verification is complete, sometimes it takes time so wait until you receive a message about services starting.

How to Login to JioFi Router

After the activation process, one can access the router setting by logging into the device.The login procedure is simple.

Step 1: Open the Google Chrome or Mozilla browser and open or http://jiofi.local.html. The URL should be entered correctly else the page would not open.

Step 2: Once the page opens, you can see at the right corner of your screen a button called “Login Button” will be available. Click on it.

Step 3: Enter the username as “administrator” and password as “administrator”, these are default login details of any JioFi device. And you can also Change those login information also.


After logging into the router, one can perform various changes to its settings such as

1) changing username and password.

2)accessing the storage slot.

3)changing the security options.

These settings can be changed many times by simply logging into the device.


It is common to forget the username or the password or both, once it is changed. But one might not worry about this the router can be set back to its default settings using the reset button.

Simply press the reset button for about 30 seconds by powering on the device.

The Reset button will be available on the backside of your device. once pressed, the router will reset itself to its factory settings. Now login using the default username and password.


jiofi is easy to setup, work with and to manage.It offers various features and is compatible.It is one good gadget to have and worth its price.

MX Player Latest Version Full Page Ads Are Shit

Normally i always speak in favor of mx player, why should not i it’s literary the best media player for android available on the web. I am very active on XDAdevolopers and Sites like MX Player (mx player niche site run by a fan). I try to answer people queries about mx player on both of these platforms.

While i have answered thousands of mx player related questions in last few years, one thing which i didn’t liked at all was the full screen ads which the developers implemented on mx player 1.8.6 APK.

Update: The latest version is mx player apk 1.9.1, after i published this post they have removed the full page ads from mx player. I don’t know if this post had effected there though process or not (but hey at least there’s a possibility it could).

My Actually Thought On This

Being a devoloper myself i know what i’m talking about, It’s basically Adsense page level ads which takes the full phone screen. Though users do have an option to close the ad but they are still very ugly and irritating to look on.

What MX Player Could Have done is they could have focussed more on donations and removed this shitty ads system totally from mx player.

See we all love this player, but it’s not because that it provides us with ads (Which most of the android apps do anyway!), but because of the awesome and unique features that mx player provides. Right now no other media player can just replace this app. (And i think even in near future no other app can do this).

But what full page ads do is “They rob us the felling of using the app”, which non of us want. What can we do for this, Just hope.

So let’s hope that the developers (J2 Initiative) removes the Full Page ads from download mx player latest version as soon as possible. That will be just awesome, if possible then guys please share this post social media (that will be really helpful), Cheers!