MX Player Latest Version Full Page Ads Are Shit

Normally i always speak in favor of mx player, why should not i it’s literary the best media player for android available on the web. I am very active on XDAdevolopers and Sites like MX Player (mx player niche site run by a fan). I try to answer people queries about mx player on both of these platforms.

While i have answered thousands of mx player related questions in last few years, one thing which i didn’t liked at all was the full screen ads which the developers implemented on mx player 1.8.6 APK.

Update: The latest version is mx player apk 1.9.1, after i published this post they have removed the full page ads from mx player. I don’t know if this post had effected there though process or not (but hey at least there’s a possibility it could).

My Actually Thought On This

Being a devoloper myself i know what i’m talking about, It’s basically Adsense page level ads which takes the full phone screen. Though users do have an option to close the ad but they are still very ugly and irritating to look on.

What MX Player Could Have done is they could have focussed more on donations and removed this shitty ads system totally from mx player.

See we all love this player, but it’s not because that it provides us with ads (Which most of the android apps do anyway!), but because of the awesome and unique features that mx player provides. Right now no other media player can just replace this app. (And i think even in near future no other app can do this).

But what full page ads do is “They rob us the felling of using the app”, which non of us want. What can we do for this, Just hope.

So let’s hope that the developers (J2 Initiative) removes the Full Page ads from download mx player latest version as soon as possible. That will be just awesome, if possible then guys please share this post social media (that will be really helpful), Cheers!


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